Seasonal Scented Florals / Autumn / Mark Antonia

Seasonal Scented Florals / Autumn / Mark Antonia

Mark Antonia have created 4 bespoke dried florals scents inspired by Autumn. The combination of Smoked Lavender and Amber creates a warm, smokey fragrance with a very subtle sweetness and brings to mind smouldering piles of raked leaves and cool, damp walks in the bush. 

Their new Scented Dried are a visually and fragrantly beautiful combination of carefully dried, yet hardy, florals infused with their bespoke Autumn fragrance oil, and arranged into glass votives that have been selected to serve a useful purpose long after first use. Fragrances last approx. 1-2months and top up scents are available directly from Mark Antonia, so that you can refresh your Florals. 

Handmade in Auckland, New Zealand 
Apothecary Glass Votives - 300ml